How I Went from Broke Engineer Struggling to Make RS. 10,000/Month To the Only Award-Winning Copywriter In Pakistan Making Multiple 7-Figures A Month Writing Copy

I graduated in 2015 from UET Lahore and realized that there weren’t any jobs for me.

Kept struggling and hustling for a year and thought nothing good will happen.

Things were gloomy.

I was rejected by Coke, Engro, Nestle, and even a small sugar mill in the far corner of Muzaffargarh.

But Allah helped me and I ended up landing a job at a university as a lab engineer.

Locked and loaded. I was happy. I finally had a job.

But people around me didn’t like it. They would ask, “When will I quit teaching and get a REAL job in the field?”

I quit my university job and received an offer from Lahore for RS. 10,000/month

The experience was great. But the atmosphere was toxic. I couldn’t breathe.

I only had the energy to bear with them for 6 months before deciding to quit.

The year 2017 was the toughest as I saw myself fall into depression

I quit my job. I wasn’t making any money. I felt like a burden on my family.

I want to end the pain and misery. To break free from this doubt and uncertainty.

And then, Allah came to my rescue and showed me a path

I stumbled upon copywriting. I created my Upwork and Fiverr profiles and never looked back.

This is what my profiles look like now, Alhamdulillah

I’ve outgrown them now and ventured into serving bigger and better clients. This way, I get to bring my A-game to the table and help add more value.

I decided to share what I acquired over the years and everyone joined hands with me

After achieving success as a copywriter, I shared my journey with everyone.

Launched the first ever copywriting community in Pakistan to send the elevator back.

Fast forward to today, Allah has blessed me with everything I could have dreamed for

I’m now listed as the top 10 copywriters on Fiverr.

18th most popular copywriter in the world.

$12 million in revenue generated for my clients.

Appeared on national TV through multiple channels.

And recently, I’ve received the Best Copywriter in Pakistan Award

Allah is indeed the most beneficent and merciful.

I believe I’m only getting started. And I want you to join me on this journey.

Are you coming?

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