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The Laptop Living Isn’t About Me.

It’s About Empowering You Into Becoming a Copywriter Who Would Make Our Country Proud…

What are the reactions you get when you tell someone you’re a writer?

“Hawairozihai…” “Please make my assignment…” “Do something good with your life…” And the list goes on. I started writing part-time in 2014 and later turned it into a full-time thing in 2017… Even though I was excelling in my career and hoarding cash – people would often tell me that it’s not worth it…that I won’t ever make it big and that writing is nothing but a way or make a quick buck or two…But deep down, I knew that it wasn’t true… Afterall, I had been making a lot of money out of it… But then a strange thing happened…
I turned to freelance groups and saw people fighting over 0.5 and 1 rupee per word gigs. And working with foreign clients was a dream of many writers but they didn’t have the guidance… That’s when I decided to connect with more writers and help them on their journey. To show them light and help them achieve even more success than me by shortening their learning curve… This is how The Laptop Living came into being…

We Make Content
Creation Simple

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